Is there an additional charge for pick up the car at the airport?

If I book a car through the Website, When do I pay?
Book your car through our website, by Email or by phone and pay the full rent for the vehicle when you collect your car. If you prefer you can also pay by bank transfer.

If I book a car through the Website, When do I pay?
Book your car through our website, by Email or by phone and pay the full rent for the vehicle when you collect your car. If you prefer you can also pay by bank transfer.

Will I have to pay any costs to cancel or change my reservation?
No, There is no charge for cancelation of changes.

I made a reservation and have not received a confirmation Email.
Make sure you enter a valid Email. Please check the spam folder of your mail program.
Can not find what you need, please Email or call us 0034 666 36 01 78

If I book the car for collection at the airport, where will I meet you
We will be waiting in the arrivals hall with your name and / or our company logo.

Does the price includes full insurance without excess?
All our cars include full insurance with no excess, you can see the details in " Terms and Conditions ".

Is it possible to pick up the car at the hotel? Is there an extra charge for this service?
If possible we can deliver your car at the hotel without charge if It is within 10 Km. from Mahon, out of this area please ask us.

Does the car price includes VAT?
All prices on our website include VAT and local taxes.

Can I take the rented car off the island?
No,You are not allowed to leave the island with rental car under any circumstances, Our insurance only covers Menorca.

Refuelling using wrong fuel
Please be sure to refuel the correct type of fuel in the car. The cost of using the wrong fuel is not covered by insurance and is the responsibility of the hirer.

What is NOT included in the insurance?
Underbody Blows (Body, suspension elements, exhaust ...); Lost or damaged keys, damage of tires and / or wheels, Damage to upholstery, Windows and glass, Refilling with the wrong fuel, (In event of filling with the wrong fuel do not start the vehicle and immediately contact us .) Traffic fines and penalties or towing charges caused by the above. These circumstances are not covered by insurance and are the responsibilities of the hirer. Also, in the event of an accident caused by the hirer whilst under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs (legal or ilegal), the insurance will be limited to third party civil and criminal cover, with all costs of repairing the vehicle been the responsibility of the hirer as well as all costs of any legal proceedings.

How do I request an invoice for my booking?
Please contact via Email or phone and we will send the invoice by Email

Is it possible to modify or cancel my booking?
If possible, please notify us by Email or phone with a week in advance.

What documents do I need to rent a car?
Current driving license and ID [passport]. Both the driver and additional drivers must present their drivers license and ID [passport]. (a photocopy is not acceptable).

Do I need to book the baby seat / child at the time of booking?
Yes, to be sure we have the seat of your choice.

What does the price include?
Unlimited Mileage. Free Additional Driver. Emergency service 24 hours. Full comprehensive insurance * Delivery and collection at the airport

What is the fuel policy?
Full/full. We deliver the car full of fuel and customer must return it the same.

What if my flight is late at night or is delayed?
If you tell us your arrival flight number you will not have to worry about anything, we will be waiting at the airport in the arrivals hall.

Child seats?
The fitting of additional accessories (e.g. chair) must be conducted by the person who rents the vehicle. The reason for this is that our insurance requires it, so that in case of any incident resulting from incorrect installation of accessories, the company is not liable for any damages caused.

What should I do if the car is stolen?
Report the theft immediately to us and the police authority and provide us with the police documentation. On our website you will find a section with useful telephone numbers.

What about my personal belongings inside the vehicle?
Personal items are not included in the insurance coverage.

How do I recover the vehicle if he has been towed away?
Contact the local police in the area. You will need to go to the vehicle pound and pay any fine plus charges.

In case of breakdown / accident will I receive a replacement vehicle?
Unless the damage / accident is the result of gross negligence on your part, we will always try to replace it. In these cases there is no guarantee that the group will be equal to the one you have.

Where do I return the car?
Unless we tell you otherwise, please return the car to where you picked it up.